Fabric Types


100% Cotton / Poly Cotton
Fabrics knitted apart from regular structure.
Recommended Purpose: Tshirt


100% Cotton / Poly Cotton
Fabric knitted by twisting two or more Yarn.
Recommended Purpose: Tshirt, Shorts

Space Dyed

100% Cotton
Fabric knitted using a Dyed Yarn. Rare Knit.
Recommended Purpose: Tshirt

Lcycra Single Jersey

95% Cotton 5% Lycra
Fabric knitted with Cotton Yarn and Spandex Yarn enabling stretch property.
Recommended Purpose: Leggings, Tshirts, Tights


Fabric Knitted with Cotton Yarn and Melange Yarn for a fancy Appearance.
Recommended Purpose: Tshirts

Loop Knit

100% Cotton / Poly Cotton
Popularly called as Fleece, knitted and Brushed for Warm Feel Apparels.
Recommended Purpose: Sweatshirt, SweatPant, Bomber Jackets


Fabric Knitted using Viscose Yarn
Recommended Purpose: Women’s Apparels

Snow Melange

100%Cotton / Poly Cotton
Fabric Knitted using a special yarn.
Recommended Purpose:Tshirt


100%Cotton / PolyCotton
Fabric knitted in the form of Horizontal line.
Recommended Purpose: Round Neck

Birds Eye

100% Cotton
Fabric knited in the Structure of Birds Eye
Recommended Purpose: Tshirt

Single Jersey

100% Cotton / Lycra Cotton / Poly Cotton
Fabric knitted in the form of Staright Lines.
Recommended Purpose: Round Neck, Shorts, Track pants, CropTop, Vests, Gym Tank


100% Cotton / Lcyra Cotton
Fabric knitted in the struture of Hexagon.
Recommended Purpose: Polo


Fabric Knitted in the Structure of Up and Down. A Rare Knit.
Recommended Purpose: Premium Apparels

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