Colour Selection:-

Once You Fix The Colour For The Fabric , The Colour Need To Be Told In “Pantone Shade Number”.The Pantone Is a Universal Method Of Naming The Colours.

Why Pantone? In India, We Tell the Weight As KG. Kilogram. In Some Area Of The world, The  Weight Is Measured in “Pounds” So Same way,  If Your Requirement is Light Blue, Some May Say As Water Blue. Some May Say As Sky Blue. Some May Say As Aqua Blue.

Here You Could see There Are More Than 30Shades Of Blue. So In Order To Get The Right Shade and To Avoid Confusion  Pantone is Used.


Pantone Wherever Part Of The World, The Method is Same. It Is a Universal Method Of Colour Description. Not Only It Does Help To Find The Right Shade, Pantone Also Provides The Recipe For The Same.

So Instead Of Saying Blue , If You Say Pantone 15-5217TCX, It Will Be Easy To Understand And Do The Dyeing Process.




In this You Could see The RGB(Red, Green, Blue) Value Is Also Mentioned. R 83 G 176 B 174. Using The RGB Values, The Colour will Be Easily Produced And Used In Dyeing.

Pantone Applies For All Types Of Dyeing Methods. (Fabric Dyeing/Garment Dyeing/Yarn Dyeing).

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