GSM;-  General Myth Is The More The GSM The More The Quality. It Absolutely a false Fact that is been in the market for a long time. Gsm has nothing to do with quality. The Quality lies in what type of yarn we use for Production. Of course gsm is required but it is based on the type of garment. For a round neck shirt we will be needing a gsm between 160-180 but we don’t want the same gsm in Our Inner wear. Inner wear needs to be light in weight .

gsm cutting

So a lower gsm of 100 is used. Similarly, we don’t Want a hoodie of 120gsm. Hoodie is mainly for winter wear so In order to keep us warm we need dense clothing so 300gsm is used. So for example if a hoodie is made in 300gsm but the yarn used in semi combed cotton or recycled cotton oe… the garment will be dense and heavier but the life of the garment will be below 5washes. After 5 washes holes will start to appear and it look like a very old garment. So Instead of semi combed, if super combed is used, the life of garment will be more.

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