About MBlue

About Us


MBlue was started in 2014 as a Tiny Project with the desire to be part of something Great.Our Initial days were so tough.Our First order was 5-Tshirts for a College Function. Yes, 5!. But wait, we are from Tirupur and as tougher it got, the more stronger we became. Today MBlue is one of the leading T-Shirt Manufacturers in Tirupur, who offers latest Designs and products in the Market as cheap as cheaper. We compromise only in the Price, not the Quality.

Apart from selling T-Shirts and making money, our True success is watching people wear our products and satisfying our customers to the fullest extent possible. People are not our customers. We are!!!! And we believe as always that we are part of something Big.


We cannot finish in a single word as Vision. In MBlue we don’t have target in sales numbers or making money. MBlue’s only motto is make the people happy and make them feel that they are something great. MBlue will always try its fullest potential to give what our kings & Queens want.



We are not here to take part…

We are here to take over.

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What is MBlue?


Well MBlue stands for I am Blue.

Blue represents serenity calm care and love

And we want the same to be felt by our Kings & Queens…

Just Drop a Message and Sitback. We will Reach You!

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